Confident Living. Discovering the greatness that lies within.
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Confident Living offers key products and services to assist you in discovering and building your confidence including our weekly radio broadcast, interactive training seminars/workshops, inspirational speaking engagements and private coaching sessions. Also don't forget to take a peek at our resources page to obtain informational tools and resources specifically designed for your development.


Weekly radio broadcast -

Each week, Practical Insights for Confident Living radio program is broadcast across the DC metropolitan area to more than six million listeners and households in the region providing helpful tips on how to have the confident, fulfilling life that individuals were created to live.


Interactive Training Seminars/Workshops -

Training seminars/workshops are designed to be interactive to assist persons, using inspirational tools and information, to extract the "confidence seed" that they never knew they had within them. This becomes the first step to the confidence building journey.


Inspirational Speaking -

If you are planning a conference or retreat and looking for a speaker, Desiree travels around the country to speak at conferences, churches and events throughout the year. The message is relevant to all people, in any stage of their life, who desire to discover, strengthen or leverage their confidence to become all they were created to be. If you would like her to come and speak to your group or at a conference, please check out her requirements under the booking tab. 


Private Coaching Sessions -

Private coaching sessions are conducted with clients desiring to address their unique confidence matters while simultaneously developing an action plan for building and sustaining their confidence. These confidential sessions are held via secure telephone line or in-person.